Best books of 2021

This year was a bit of a weird reading year for me. I didn't write a lot of reviews, for one thing, and I went through a big reading slump in the summer. I stuck to my lanes for the most part, reading books I was pretty sure I would like or that were recommended... Continue Reading →

January 2022 status: I decided to take a break from the Lanthyr trilogy after a long time working on it. I couldn't get all the pieces to work together, though there was a lot I loved about the and I wanted to work on something new. After a few months' break, I've realized that what... Continue Reading →

Seven Books to Read on Scribd

I recently put together this list for my brother to encourage him to read more in order to learn valuable lessons about writing (and also because you can't be a writer without being a reader, honestly). These are, by the nature of the exercise, tailored towards a specific person, but it might be useful for... Continue Reading →

My Favourite Books of 2020

I read a lot in 2020, almost 50 books in total. My reviews--well, the less said the better, although I managed to review most of my favourites (just not many of the 'meh' ones). Here's a rundown of some of my favourites (not ranked). I had a much harder time narrowing down the list than... Continue Reading →

Favourite Books of 2019

Some books/series I LOVED this year (not ranked, because I can't and there's no point): Tigana and The Lions of Al-Rassan, Guy Gavriel Kay: I'm SO glad I found this author this year! Both are heart-achingly beautiful and made me weep for countries and civilizations as much as the characters. The City of Brass &... Continue Reading →

Brief update on where I am after 2019: Daughters of the Bear is currently a complete draft! It's been sent to my critique partners and I'm awaiting feedback. After that, I'll revise as needed, chop out 20k, and try to make the words sound pretty. I'm beginning to draft my Constantine historical fic. Mostly writing... Continue Reading →

Fantasy I recommend

Taylor's Overly-Detailed Fantasy Recommendation Post I'm that person who is always super eager to recommend books to friends, acquaintances, random strangers I meet at social events... so I thought I would write a blog post about books I wholeheartedly recommend. Hopefully you can find a book here that intrigues you! Recommendations for this list or... Continue Reading →

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