January 2022 status:

  • I decided to take a break from the Lanthyr trilogy after a long time working on it. I couldn’t get all the pieces to work together, though there was a lot I loved about the and I wanted to work on something new. After a few months’ break, I’ve realized that what people told me years ago was true: I was trying to squeeze two different stories together and they just didn’t work together. So later this year, I’ll go back to half the story–Tobian, Mairin, Eneuris, Aelis, and the fathers’ feud that just won’t die. I’ll set Caitria and Elspeth aside to work out their issues another time, along with the Fae.
  • But for now, I’m working on what I’m thinking of as the Silawyr duology–yes, a duology instead of a trilogy! Duologies seem to be growing in popularity in recent years, and I think my vision for this one works best in two halves. Maybe I’ll change my mind halfway through book 2, but for now, I’m pretty happy with how it’s going. I’ll likely have a full draft later this winter and then will be ready to hand it over to other eyes in the spring after some revisions. Hopefully it will have a title by then; titles are really not my strong point.

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